About Us

We’re a team of programmers, graphic artists, instructional designers and human resource professionals designing industry-leading onboarding, training and development solutions.


Onboarding provides new or existing employees with a job specific, day-to-day process that builds competence and accountability. The result is a faster ramp-up in a new role, increased retention and reduced hiring cost.


Viewpoint eMaps provide a simulated 3D work environment with custom learning content in a wide range of media formats. The 3D environment extends beyond training to support daily operations or maintenance activities while making learning a natural, recurring event. The outcome is consistent communications, clear lines of accountability and improved business results.


 We first understand your business and then design solutions that are valued by your employees.



What We Think


Training exists to support business results. We believe people are the foundation of every organization’s success and that training and development are essential to a strong foundation. We work with clients to design learning content that is engaging, informative and practical. Then we go beyond training by leveraging learning content to provide operations and maintenance employees with tools to make their work more efficient.


Creating engaging, informative and practical learning content means understanding business processes and providing material in a format that connects a learner with the business results that are impacted by their work. This means designing content that;


  • Uses a variety of media to relate to different learning styles.
  • Is provided in short learning segments with multiple visuals.
  • Includes humour and interesting facts.
  • Blends of emotion and feeling.
  • Provides detailed metrics that ensure the learner is accountable and learning.





Mark Lewis works with Sault Area Hospital to transition to their new location and sees similar challenges faced by manufacturing and healthcare during large scale projects.  This similarity leads to the creation of Insightworks and development of the first generation of our Viewpoint platform.


Insightworks secures contracts with the Markham Stouffville Hospital redevelopment project and the new Niagara Hospital project. Our Insightworks team grows from 2 to 4 people, adding a designer and programmer.


Viewpoint – version 2.0 is completed, a big step forward! Insightworks contracts with the new Humber River Hospital, Ontario’s most technologically advanced hospital, at 3.5 million square feet. We complete our first manufacturing project, successfully testing the application in a different sector.


Our team grows from 4 to 7 people. We add 3D capability – a big change to our design approach that receives raving reviews from our clients.


Insightworks builds an application for Lac Vieux Casino, entry into a new and important sector. We complete our onboarding application. Insightworks contracts with St. Mikes hospital.


Our team increases to 10 people, adding new skills and services to extend our capabilities and create a full-service learning and development company. Meet the team below!


The Team

"Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?"
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Client Services
"Why is there a silver medal in the Olympics?"
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Senior Programmer
"All you need is love and a dog."
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Computer Programmer, Analyst
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Computer Programmer
"I'll take that bet."
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Marketing Specialist, Graphic Designer, Videographer
"Sarcasm: Just one of the many services I offer."
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Account Manager
"I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not sure..."
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Account Manager
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'
3D Artist, Graphic Designer
“No comment” is a comment.
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3D Artist, Graphic Designer
"A good day is any day that you're alive"
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