Culture: Why is it so important?

Culture: Why is it so important?


Culture was the most popular word of 2015 according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary. It has become one of the most important words in business, and for a good reason.


What is it?


It’s a set of behaviours, values, artifacts, reward systems, and rituals that make up your organization. You should be able to “feel” culture when you visit a company because it is often evident in people’s behaviours and enthusiasm.


Why is it important? I’m going to break it down in the simplest of terms..

A rich culture helps companies attract and retain employees.
If you’re a great place to work for you’re going to attract the right talent to your company. People will want to work for you. Not only will you attract employees but you will retain them. Happy employees will stay, unhappy people will leave and your company will face an expensive loss.

A rich culture strengthens your brand.
Employees that work in great workplaces often become brand ambassadors. With social media, customers and employees alike will broadcast their experiences for the world to see. This could be amazing, free advertising right? Only if you’re doing a good job at ensuring great company culture.

Rich culture = increase in productivity.
It’s simple really, unhappy employees do nothing more than the bare minimum, great workers who don’t feel appreciated quit, and poor management negativity affects employees and productivity.

Ultimately your company culture does and will affect your bottom line. Unhappy employees are disengaged at work, which leads to negative attitudes and how productivity, and possible turnover. I mean really, what is your company without your employees?


Written by:
Tabitha Lytwynec-Bugyra, Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer

Culture: Why is it so important?
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