In today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment your training must improve performance so that employees are delivering the results you need. If this isn’t happening your training is failing.


Manufacturing eMaps Training

An Insightworks learning experience is designed to support your employees’ training, development, and performance. We first understand your needs and then construct a solution that aligns with your organization’s culture, business processes and goals. To design your custom eMap we leverage existing learning content, enhancing the style, adding new material and creating multiple interactive learning formats.  The result is compelling, media-rich content, and imagery that engage learners.


Training eMaps Training

Then we go beyond traditional training to combine learning with your daily operations. Our purpose is to make learning and development a natural, recurring activity that ensures your people are delivering the results you need.


Our Viewpoint learning platform is mobile friendly; users are able to train on any type of device. Viewpoint provides a range of features to support learning and skill building. Using eMaps you are able to evaluate training effectiveness, identify capability gaps and make appropriate adjustments. Viewpoint’s design allows you to configure the installation to align with your unique needs. Once installed, you can select people from your team to quickly and easily maintain eMap content at any time, ensuring training material is current. This design flexibility allows Insightworks to provide a custom first tier product at a fair price.


Casino eMaps Training




  • Quick and easy edits and updates
  • Real-time updating means accurate content


  • Attach documents to visually relevant location
  • Find information quickly
  • Track updates
  • Link to main document management system

2D / 3D

  • 2D eMaps or interactive 3D learning environments
  • Experience simulated operating situation or facility to build-up familiarity and confidence
  • Reduce learning-curve and increase operating efficiency and quality

Video Library

  • On-demand access to relevant information

Maintenance Tracker

  • The ideal application for managing facility or equipment maintenance activities
  • Submit maintenance requests, prioritize activities and monitor repair status
  • Foster planning and accountability


  • Detailed learning metrics to highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus attention where it adds the most value
  • Create custom reports to meet client needs