viewpoint eMaps

We design a variety of visual representations of your training and development program that we call, eMaps. eMaps are identified as a concept, process, equipment or facility and are available in 2D and 3D formats. We design a personalized eMap that fits your organization’s needs.

Concept eMaps

Concept eMaps are used to visually represent an idea, experience or belief. Employees are able to understand the concept and how to apply that knowledge to the organization.

Process eMaps

Process eMaps are used to visualize and understand process steps, procedures, and accountability. Employees are able to understand the process step-by-step.  

Equipment eMaps

Equipment eMaps are primarily used for operating and maintenance practices. Inform your employees on equipment processes, procedures, and activities.  

Facility eMaps

Facility eMaps are used when companies undergo a transition to a new facility or expansion of their current one. Inform your employees on key locations, different routes, and procedures all while your facility is being built.
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