Onboarding is more than just new hire orientation. Onboarding is process.

We’ve developed an onboarding strategy that ensures immediate success.  Insightworks Onboarding+ encourages engagement, constant feedback, and measures success. Used as a training and development tool, employees are productive sooner. Every organization has its own way of training; incorporate your content, images, videos, SCORM packages, or an eMap. Information is consistent and accessible at any time.

Onboarding+ allows the organization to customize the hire process by individual, job position, or department. Creating a new hire package is easy and a one-time process. Edit content, timelines, and requirements when necessary.

Managers are kept up-to-date on their new hire’s progress and are informed of those at risk of leaving the organization. Onboarding+ makes it easier to train new hires, facilitates communication and scheduling, mediates workplace relationships, and evaluates performance. 

Key Highlights

  • Automation of the onboarding process, unlimited capacity to new hire onboarding.
  • Management capabilities include certifications, compliance, and communication.
  • Organizations metrics on employees and managers, user feedback, and compliance standards.

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