Looking Back - Top 3 Workplace Trends This year saw a great amount of growth and innovation, especially in the world of workplace learning and employee training and development. While I am eager to see what 2017 will bring, what better way to send off 2016 than by looking back at a few favourite predicted workplace learning trends? Outlined below are my top 3 trends that I believe have made a big impact this year and will continue to grow in popularity in the New Year.   1.    Videos Videos can be used in many different ways to support and enhance workplace learning. For example: recording a demonstration can provide learners with the opportunity to review the demonstration without having to re-create it, or allow those who were absent to receive the information. Videos allow for quick access to information, and can also be easily viewed from a mobile device- allowing for on-the-go learning. Vlogs are also gaining popularity as attention spans shorten.   2.    Micro-learning Micro-learning has been a rising star for the last few years, and for good reason. A study from Microsoft Corp.  has found that humans have an attention span of 8 seconds. This has been influenced by technology’s role in our daily lives. When applying this information to workplace learning we are able to identify areas that micro-learning can capitalize on. Dividing training information into bite-sized chunks requires less attention time from the learners, while also giving them the ability to access on the most important bit of information. Learners are also given more autonomy in regards to choosing the amount of information they will take in during a session. Providing concise bite sized bits will increase the quality of the information delivered to learners while any supplementary information can be stored as a resource.   3.    Virtual Reality Virtual Reality (VR) is a new trend that hasn’t been identified on many 2016 lists as this technology is still evolving. However, this is a prominent trend for 2017 and it is one that we here at Insightworks are very excited about exploring.  VR can be used as a learning tool in many different ways – from a virtual office tour for new or prospective employees, to operator training for large pieces of equipment and/or simulations for different situations that employees may encounter on the job. With more technology adopting VR and different capabilities being discovered we are looking forward to developing a better understand of how and where to use this technology to enhance workplace training and learning.   We are looking forward to continue watching these trends and exploring the use of some of them here at Insightworks. Our world is changing quickly, technology is constantly changing and evolving, but it is up to organizations to keep up and find new ways to deliver and develop training for their employees. Especially when there are new methods or approaches that will increase engagement, satisfaction and, mostly importantly the ability to and apply this information to their daily jobs. So I’d like to say farewell 2016 – you were quite an interesting year, and give a warm welcome to 2017 – I am looking forward to seeing what you will bring us here in the world of workplace learning.   Written by: Renée Lewis, Account Manager
Looking Back – Top 3 Workplace Trends

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