3D eMap

Personalized eMaps

eMaps, created by our artists, are high-impact designs that replicate your work environment, operating equipment, work processes or an important concept. Using 2D and 3D simulations to realistically represent the learning topic, an eMap will immerse a learner in a visually compelling learning environment. eMaps can authentically depict a topic, using metaphors and analogies to communicate complex, mission-critical challenges. If a picture tells a thousand words an eMap tells a thousand pictures. Our project team will work with you to gather and add content that provides the details about processes, procedures, concepts and cultural norms. Add content using any form of media. Accessible from any mobile device, Viewpoints flexibility and ease of use allows you to add existing learning resources to an eMap or you can create a brand new learning product.

Custom Videography

The most experienced operations or technical staff must be trained or updated on new products, existing processes, technology, and industry standards. A properly designed training video is a powerful method to communicate this type of information. Insightworks provides videography services that capture operating practices and process information from your best operators or suppliers. Rather than using employee time, energy, and money every time you need to train new hires, a properly designed video can reduce training time while adding context and quality content to your eMap. All videos are easily edited and updated if changes occur. An Insightworks video saves time and money.

Tailored Learning Experience

Your culture is unique. Your learners are unique. Your training should also be unique. The content on every one of our eMaps is tailored to communicate the complex and diverse needs that face your organization. This allows the learner to relate to the content, increasing engagement and retention. Properly designed and implemented Learning and Development significantly impacts the success of your organization. Our Project Consultants will support you in presenting content in a format that aligns with your organizations cultural norms and the needs of your workforce.

Custom Application Development

We work hard to accommodate the unique requirements of our clients. If you’re looking to add a unique feature or a brand new application to our viewpoint platform our developers are able to make it happen. The impact of Learning and development on the success of your organization can be significant. Selecting the right training development partner is important. Insightworks team and experience will put you on the path to success.