One of the greatest challenges facing today’s manufacturing sector is ensuring operators have the necessary knowledge to perform. Without this, operating efficiencies and results are negatively impacted. Using our equipment eMaps every operating position is provided with all the information and training tools needed to ensure operator success.

Our three-step approach
1. Reduces the time and cost of traditional training
2. Builds confidence: allows new employees to make meaningful contributions more quickly
3. Provides a readily available and comprehensive training resource

Equipment eMaps Are All About Efficiency and Comprehension

Creating and maintaining organization-wide operating processes and performance standards can be a serious challenge. If implemented, they have a tremendous positive impact on results. Our equipment eMaps allow you to improve and streamline employee skilled knowledge and behaviors, leading to better-operating efficiency and fewer errors.

Create Consistent Information Transfer

Through exploring our eMaps, this 3D learning environment allows employees to review technology and learn operating procedures from any PC or mobile device. Information is easily updated, to create accurate, consistent, organization-wide understanding.

Training and Media Flexibility

Train your new hires in a consistent digital environment that’s core purpose is to help them succeed. In our 3D environment, your new hire can experience their new workplace in a multimedia format that houses all the training and operating materials they need before they hit the floor.

Your customized content is available in any media format, available from any location at any time. Training content can include online testing to assess your new hires comprehension.

Reduce Orientation Time

An effective onboarding process is critical to the success and retention of your new hires. When properly designed and delivered, onboarding is proven to increase new hire retention and reduce the organization’s overall cost to hire.

Onboarding activities are tracked and recorded to employee profiles, ensuring accountability and appropriate support.

Track Metrics for Performance Awareness

Metrics add value by clarifying the information required to make the right decisions. When aligned with business strategy, metrics can be a tool to drive organizational effectiveness.


Our Onboarding and our Learning applications will gather metrics and then turn the data into actionable information related to employee engagement, learning activity, and staff feedback. All reporting is aimed at reinforcing accountability and improving the performance of the organization.