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Large-scale facility changes are a daunting task for both staff and management. Prepare your staff for success using our customized facility eMaps.


Why wait until construction is complete to train your staff? Using a 3D replica of your facility you can now provide staff with routes, overall spatial awareness, training for new equipment, technology or processes and more.


With our eMaps

  • Reduce classroom training time by at least 50%.

  • Ease the logistical challenges that always accompany new facility orientation and training.

  • Reduce the number and frequency of staff orientation tours.

  • Leverage your transition planning investment while creating a training product that can be used going forward.


By streamlining your training with Viewpoint, you can establish clear processes, roles, accountabilities and ensure all staff understands changes to their role before moving to the new facility. Employees can learn at their own pace, schedule, and capacity. Provide your staff with new policies, department processes, and equipment procedures, resulting in reduced errors and possible risks for both your staff and patients.

Ensure process consistency with our utility applications that allow you to assess employee understanding, track certification, and share knowledge across the facility. 

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