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Effectively training operators within the manufacturing industry is critical to meeting business needs, retention and operator safety.


Unfortunately, today’s challenges include a retiring workforce and loss of institutional knowledge, reduced time allotted to training, limited training and human resources staff.


Using our Viewpoint training platform and 3D eMaps, all training materials including equipment training are readily available for review. Our goal is to integrate with operations to make training a daily activity and to achieve this we have developed custom utilities to relate operating metrics and activities to training information. Some of the utilities include a certificate tracker, downtime tracking, and online shift logs.

Benefits to Viewpoint and eMaps include:

  • Reducing the time and cost of traditional training by 50%.

  • Operator confidence: quickly onboard new employees with consistent information, skilled knowledge and reduce errors.

  • Training content flexibility: use video, 3D eMaps, digital workbooks, quizzes, etc.

  • Accountability: track performance metrics in real-time

  • Provide available and comprehensive training resources in a central location available anywhere, anytime.

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