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Performance Coaching develops a leader's understanding of the relationship between leadership and accountability. We provide an online learning solution that is supported with tools designed to transfer learning to practical day-to-day applications. Performance Coaching will develop your leader’s ability to leverage their resources and achieve results.

In today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment your training must improve performance so that employees are delivering the results you need. If this isn’t happening your training is failing.

An Insightworks learning experience is designed to support your employees’ training, development, and performance. We first understand your learning objectives, business challenges, and culture and then design an eMap solution that aligns with your organization’s culture, business processes and goals. We leverage existing learning content, enhancing the style, adding new material and creating multiple interactive learning formats. The result is a compelling eMap with media-rich content and imagery that engages learners.

Our eMaps go beyond traditional training to combine learning with your daily operations. Our purpose is to make learning and development a natural, recurring activity that ensures your people are delivering the results you need.

Our Viewpoint learning platform is mobile-friendly; users are able to train on any type of device. Viewpoint provides a range of features to support learning and skill-building. Using eMaps you are able to evaluate training effectiveness, identify capability gaps and make appropriate adjustments. Viewpoints design allows you to configure the installation to align with your unique needs. Once installed, you can select people from your team to quickly and easily maintain eMap content at any time, ensuring training material is current. The flexibility allows Insightworks to provide a custom first-tier product at a fair price.


A good manager strives to do right by their employees. They ensure that the things necessary for their success are available and they provide the support and coaching needed for their employee’s success. This is often easier said than done, particularly when it comes to coaching. Coaching takes time, skill, and careful planning. Plus there are certain types of people who may be particularly challenging for a manager to coach. Think about the Eeyore on your team, who is pessimistic at every turn, or the person who refuses your advice with a smile. It’s not fair to you or to the employee to give up, so what do you do? In addition, after putting in the time and effort to hire that new person, how do you provide the right support to ensure they have what they need? After working with hundreds of managers at all levels of the organization I noticed a few things that are consistently true;

  • People want to do a good job no matter the role;

  • Managers are as nervous as everyone else when faced with a challenging discussion;

  • Many managers will avoid conversations related to performance because they’re unsure about how to approach the topic or lack the confidence to confront the situation;

  • Employees at all levels want some level of feedback about how they’re doing;

  • Employees at all levels welcome constructive support but also want to feel in control of decisions that relate to their work. People want to make a positive contribution;

  • There is too much management theory and not enough practical support for managers.


Performance Coaching is designed to provide managers with the tools and guidance they need to support the development needs of a new or existing employee. We’ve transformed the theory behind coaching into a practical tool, making it a planned, two-way discussion about aligning the needs of the organization and with the development needs of the employee.


The performance-based discussions create a supportive, participative work environment. Managers and their people will become more comfortable having discussions about challenging topics.


The process and materials are based on solid theory but we’re limiting the theory, going straight to a useful application. If the approach works for your organization there’s a good probability that you’ll encourage its use. If it doesn’t work for your organization we’d love to hear about from you, to understand and improve.


Get in touch with us today and discover how we are absolutely committed to your success!

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