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Use Your Training System to Manage Documents

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Many organizations are revamping their new hire orientation/onboarding process. With so much time and effort put into implementing a new system wouldn’t it be nice to be able to continue using some aspects of this system once the employee has completed their orientation? Here’s an idea!

Why not leverage your new employee training solution to become the place to house and organize documents?   Not only are employees being trained on certifications and training sessions during new-hire training but there are also many manuals, policies and procedures that need to be reviewed. Once the training is done your employees continue to their jobs but may need to consult these files for a refresher or clarification. Why not use the system to continue as a resource for document management and communication for all employees? When a new policy is updated or added you can have employees log into the training system to review them and also have the system available day to day – all employees will know where to find the documents after their training is complete.   Housing your documents within your training system will not only improve the accessibility of these documents during training but will improve accessibility ongoing. Employees can also benefit from:  

1. Consistent Communication

  • Ensuring that all current versions of documents are easily accessible by all members of the team is important.

  • All employees can be notified when a file has been updated or added – ensuring that the same message is delivered to your whole team.

  2. Save Time

  • Prevent time lost from employees searching for a specific document – having a system to easily locate and access files will help employees to remain and complete their tasks quickly.

  • Usually when a machine breaks down or maintenance is required operators will have to find and retrieve a 4 lb manual and search through the book to find the information needed. A system that allows staff to access these manuals or procedures electronically and quickly will reduce the cost of downtime.

  3. Organized Document Management

  • Ensuring that all files are added to the system in an organized fashion will reduce the time needed to find them, and also eliminate duplicate files with different naming conventions – ex. “PolicyXYZUpdatedJan” vs. “JanPolicyXYZUpdate”.

  • Organizing documents can be a logistical nightmare. By using your training system to house these files you can ensure that they aren’t hidden within a series of folders – they can be organized by function and/or type.

I believe that the best time to capture a new hire’s attention and provide them with the information needed is during their onboarding experience. Once they have completed this process you can extend the system’s longevity to house documents and ensure reliable communication to all employees – making the system a “one-stop-shop” for training and an ongoing resource for all employees.


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