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How Training is Changing in Manufacturing and Vice Versa

We’ve all been through it. Onboarding. Training. At some point in your professional life, you’ve had to sit through a dry training or onboarding session — my guess is PowerPoint was involved, maybe a grainy, outdated photocopy and voila you’re supposed to be ready for day 1 on the job. Oh, and you’ll also have to learn safety precautions too in this inviting learning environment. In demand-driven industries like manufacturing, training and orientation is a critical and first step into the production process. 

We know manufacturing can be a high turnover environment. The question remains, how would your onboarding and training experience have changed your team’s performance if it was more immersive and inviting?

Training in this industry is a critical part as to how a production line can maximize output, as well as, job satisfaction by the operator. What better way to maximize a production line’s potential than to prepare your operators before they hit the floor? Giving them the confidence and know-how to excel at their job. To take it a step further, what if they were able to get a look and feel for their work environment before they stepped foot on the floor? 

At Insightworks, we work with our manufacturing clients to curate an onboarding and training experience through Viewpoint, to give the employee comprehensive applicable knowledge for their job. We understand manufacturing is a rapidly changing and evolving industry and more is being asked of the operator. Safety aside, these skilled workers need to be prepared to excel in their work environment. 

Along with the operators, managers and human resources can look to Viewpoint to communicate to their team directly, and know that they have the tools available to them for a training refresher, certificate tracking and more. 

Long gone are the days of screaming over loud machinery on the production floor. Our onboarding and training platform has been created with the purpose to make sure there are no gaps in that training. Nothing will ever replace on the job training and time spent on the production floor, however, knowing much of the knowledge before the practical application minimizes risk, ensures the operator is prepared and critical information is communicated.

Through this modernized training and onboarding practice, the operator, management and human resources can also utilize it as a tool to upskill or expose the operator to new opportunities within the organization. 

With Viewpoint, your operators and training team are ready for day one and beyond.


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