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Orientation and Planning and Pathing… Oh My!

Have you ever walked into a building and felt completely lost right away? Have you ever wished you could pull a map out of your pocket to find your way? I know I have!

What if you sprinkle some extra stress on your situation – let’s say you will be working in a brand new multi-level facility AND your job includes being able to quickly and efficiently navigate the building to provide care to patients and clients. Does that map sound helpful now? Imagine the opportunity to tour this new facility 3-4 times before moving in. What if you had to make sure 3,000 to 5,000 employees were oriented to a new facility, trained on new equipment and processes, and had to ensure the information provided was consistent across all departments – all within a three-month window?

We’ve got an eMap for that.

We understand that with a transition to a new facility, there are many things that can keep you up at night. Luckily, Insightworks has developed Facility eMaps where you can access and deliver key information from anywhere on any device from our Viewpoint platform.

The new layout of your department confusing you?

Orientation eMaps provide a 3D overview of an entire floor of a hospital or facility. Departments are outlined in different colours making it easy to identify the boundaries and layout of the level. Hotspots containing tidbits of information can be found when a user hovers over different areas or rooms on the eMap.

Worried about how to use new equipment/technology or where it will be located?

Planning eMaps are developed using a flat version of the floor’s layout. Using Viewpoint, the new facility’s team can add icons representing different pieces of equipment, technology, roles or other important information. Training information can then be added to the icon – this includes text, images, videos, training manuals, operation guides and other important information that needs to be communicated to staff.

Wondering how food or supplies will be delivered to your department?

Pathing eMaps identify common routes used in a facility. The paths measure time and distance from point A to point B. These eMaps are not only helpful for staff, but save the planning team hours spent walking each route option, measuring the distances, and comparing the best routes.

Most importantly, we understand that you’re busy. We’re here to help.

But if you’re not too busy, check out this podcast from out team and how we work with clients in the healthcare sector.


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