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Why Manufacturing?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

First things first, we love it! 

Long before the industrial revolution, manufacturing has been the foundation in creating everything we use day-to-day from particle board, vehicles, electronics, home goods, the list goes on. While what is produced and how that production happens may change and evolve over time, manufacturing itself and its operators remain a constant. 

The manufacturing industry is always in a state of change. With changes being made to production lines everywhere to meet growing production demands, safety, technological changes and more, training must evolve too. Implementing AI and improving machinery, while critical to producing goods, we look to the operator to ensure those production needs are met. From our experience, we feel that the operator is truly the heart of the mill.

Working with manufacturers, we work to ensure operators success by creating valuable digital training and blended learning through our platform, Viewpoint. Using video, eMaps, SOP’s and more, we prepare every operator, at every stage of their career for success. Also, working as a virtual extension to your human resources and training team. 

If you’re an operator reading this, we have all your training tools in one virtual space, accessible by your mobile device so you’re ready before you hit the floor!

If you’re in management or human resources reading this, you can assign training materials, track certificates and more, alleviating much of the stress of onboarding and training dozens if not hundreds of operators. Special shout out to going paperless!

If you’d like to hear more about how we work with manufacturers, check out this podcast from our team!


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