Our Solution

Viewpoint by Insightworks, makes learning a natural part of a person’s everyday work. Our platform makes it easy for employees and managers to onboard, continuously learn, evaluate comprehension and accelerate performance. Make learning a natural and recurring activity while supporting your work processes with Viewpoint.

Our Solution

We know every company is different because our clients consistently identify new, creative ways to use our eMaps.

Their custom eMap learning environments are designed to fit their specific training and operational needs.

When learning is integrated with an organization’s daily operating activities, you can provide a resource that your people will value and use on a regular basis, making learning a regular activity.


Through Onboarding, employers can focus on developing a new hire’s skills, confidence and job satisfaction with increased efficiency.

Our Onboarding platform provides the practical tools and information needed for an employee to be successful in their role.

The result is accelerated productivity, satisfied new hires, and lower turnover.


We develop customized training that fits your organization’s needs. Build, maintain, and sustain a standard of performance while avoiding errors and additional risks. Through our customized tools, improve your employees’ skills, knowledge abilities and improved behaviours.

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