Our Solution

We provide custom training and development applications and services. Our interactive 3D technology and proprietary platform make learning a natural part of a person’s everyday work. Our onboarding application and learning platform make it easy for employees to understand and retain information resulting in rapid employee development. Our platform extends to operations as a valuable knowledge base and operator resource, making learning a natural and recurring activity while supporting the work processes of operating and maintenance people.

Our Solution

Every company is different, so it’s important to design a training program that fits your organization’s goals. eMaps custom learning environments that encompass every element of your training. eMaps go beyond traditional training by integrating learning with your organization’s daily operations. Create a resource that your people value and use.


Onboarding focuses on developing a new hire’s skills, confidence, and job satisfaction. Onboarding is more than new hire orientation which is just the first step in the onboarding process. Onboarding develops effective workers by providing the process, information, and tools for a new employee to be successful in their position. The result is accelerated productivity, satisfied new hires, and lower turnover.


Training is a natural part of everyday work. Our strategy is developing training that fits your organization’s needs and can also be used as a daily resource tool. Build, maintain, and sustain a standard of performance. Avoid errors and possible risks while improving employee skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviours.

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