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Win the War on Talent

Employees are your greatest asset and the foundation for a strong and stable organization. Face it; you wouldn’t have your company without your employees. Hiring the right people is critical for your company. But there is a growing competition for talent; employers are struggling to fill job positions while facing a loss of senior talent as the baby boomers retire.  

A recent study revealed that the biggest obstacle a job seeker faces is not knowing what a company is like to work for. By building your employer brand you’re helping job seekers feel informed and even excited about your company culture and value. A strategic brand sets the tone for recruitment and retention.   So what is your employer brand saying?   Your website promotes your services or products and may generate leads but they rarely promote your reputation as an employer.  

Simply put, what is it like to work for your company?  

The benefits of employer branding is obvious for candidates, but the impact on the business itself may not be clear. It can significantly improve application rates, giving you a wide pool of talent to choose from. Great people seek out great brands and positioning your employer brand helps you attract and identify the right people who “fit”.   Companies that also embed values, personality and desired behaviours across the organization have shown to increase engagement in employees. Increasing employee engagement and motivation results in increased productivity. It also contributes to high retention rates; retaining the skilled and knowledgeable employees you attracted in the first place.  

The right employer brand can not only help you attract the talent you need but also keep the talent you already have engaged throughout their careers. ..and hey, if you don’t manage your employer brand, others will define it for you!


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