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You're not using 3D eMaps?

Show of hands, who’s a visual learner? My hand is up! While a lot of us are blended learners, auditory, visual or tactile, chances are being a visual learner is a part of your scope of learning preferences.

You can see the rise of 3D maps everywhere. From Google Maps, gaming, to projection mapping ads, 3D mapping in training and orientation is quite possibly, the missing link to your team or company’s training experience. According to 65% of the population are visual learners so the likelihood that one or more of your team members would benefit from visual learning is high. At Insightworks, we make every effort to create a complete training and onboarding experience in all of the industries we work in including gaming, manufacturing and healthcare. Not sure where to start with 3D maps and your team? Not to worry! We’ve done the work. Through years of research and practical application in several verticals including manufacturing, healthcare and gaming, we’ve honed the 3D mapping experience in relation to training and onboarding and have created a transformative experience for your team. You can safely show your training class or team an exact replica of a new site or workspace before bringing them on the floor. Closing the gap between the training class and active worksite is where the success of Viewpoint eMaps lies. From upskilling, assigning a new space to your team to explore or train in, we’ve got you covered. In our podcast, Insightworks: InConversation we’re doing a series of interviews with our Artists. To hear from Tania, click here to learn more about her process. If you want to learn more about Insightworks and how we can help send us a note at . We look forward to hearing from you!


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